Module Introduce

Kingnet commitment
make contribution to promotion and preservation of social development, and pass on warmth and hope.
Substantive theme
community contribution and public charity
Areas of interest
education support, rural revitalization, disaster and emergency response, information accessibility.
Objectives and actions of the planned period

1. Integrate resources from multiple sources, continue contributing to education undertakings, establish a standard system of "Kaixin Program", and create a special public welfare brand of Kingnet.

2. The public welfare programs put emphasis on rural development, and implement the public welfare efforts in line with the national strategy .

3. Establish disaster relief and emergency response fund and emergency trigger mechanism, to respond to emergencies and disasters in a timely, rational and efficient manner, reduce the decision-making cost and expand the positive social influence.

4. Help the vulnerable groups break the digital barrier and integrate into digital life.


Cloud Education Support Rural Class

In 2020, Kingnet and the Beijing Love and Future Public Welfare Development Center initiated the "Kaixin Rural Cloud Education Support" program and the "Cloud Education Support Rural Class", in which the employee volunteers provide education support to 7 schools in Chindu County, Nangqian County and Qumarlêb County of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture through online live streaming. The company organizes visits to the plateau region every year, delivers to the teachers and students in the schools 30,935 pieces (sets) of life and education supplies, 3,595 medical kits and 4,410 extra-curricular books in total.