Module Introduce

Kingnet commitment
reduce carbon emission in its business operation, join the public in protecting the green planet, and share sustainable temperature.
Substantive theme
climate change mitigation and adaptation, green office
Areas of interest
green and low-carbon transition, green healthy office
Objectives and actions of the planned period

1. Expand application of green energy in business operation, e.g. buy green power certificate

2. Develop high interactive games that are valuable in popularization of science, to impart players

3. Implement comprehensive energy conservation and carbon reduction efforts in business operation

4. Call upon the employees to participate in low-carbon travel, water conservation and clean plate campaign, and disseminate the green concept

5. Advocate the healthy life style that emphasizes balance between work and life, care for the physical and mental health of the employees, and create an environment-friendly workplace


Free Bird

In February 2023, Kingnet, once again in collaboration with the SEE Foundation, initiated the "Free Bird" public welfare program in the Chongmingdongtan National Nature Reserve of Shanghai, in order to protect the wetland, the habitat of migratory birds and the "kidney" of the earth.

Kingnet public welfare forest

In September 2022, Kingnet and the SEE Foundation jointly initiated the "Kingnet public welfare forest" environmental protection program, where we plant ten thousand haloxylon ammondendron trees in the desert area of Alxa League, Inner Mongolia, as an wind-breaking and sand-fixing effort that is meant to protect the ecological environment in the Yellow River basin.